Sunday, March 06, 2011

March 2011 Gallery Hop: Rain Rain Rain

 For the third month in a row, the monthly Short North Gallery Hop had to go on against mother nature's worst. For March it was rain, the middle of two days worth. The Arnold Fitness event down the street brought some people to the galleries, but most just returned to the convention center after their dinner. Umbrellas were the visual effect of the evening. The new Hubbard Bar and Grille signage at least served as a welcome beacon.
 non-gallery shops seemed to have the most going on during this dark, wet March hop. DJ's are becoming a regular feature.

 Interior decorating in shop windows have gone to the next level with the addition of new boutiques.

 Rowe clothing shop above .

 The graffiti wall at Hubbard and High were not yet faded in early March.
 RoyGBiv had some little wall sculptures.

 What The Rock is a bright oasis of rock n roll and colorful art in the North Short North.
 83 Gallery
 Wilder's Pharmacy had entered the 5th and High area sporting florescent paintings, but doesn't look like a drug store.
 The Attic is a collectable shop next to Basil Thai Cafe. It's worth a gander if you find it open.
 Lincoln Avenue is developing a collection of small art galleries like the steamy Sharon Weiss Gallery and the Marcia Evans Gallery.

The big buzz for March was the opening of Brother's Drake Meadery and their art show program. Unfortunately, Brother's Drake didn't light the art they solicited and seemed to like their "unfinished" look for now.