Friday, July 27, 2007

This Year's BIG Nationwide Ad

This is the new Nationwide Insurance "big funny" ad

on the side of the old Atlas Building downtown.

(see posts from last year for old ad)

Local firm Orange Barrel Media did this that shows a

sort of fake ad for Coops Paint that got out of hand

and poured over a few cars in the parking lot.
(click on it for blow-up)

The crain at Broad and High Street is for another
Orange Barrel Media Project.
It will be a Times Square style electronic signage
hook to new condos and NBC4 studios.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Little Brothers closes for good July 3, 2007. Dan Dougan took over Stache's & Little Brothers back in the late 80's and improved on a legacy of being the CBGB's of Columbus for local, regional, national, & international rock bands of a non-mainstream style. Ten years ago the original Stache's building was torn down for a strip shopping center north of campus, so Dougan braved the elements to set-up in the fledgling North Short North and went with the Little Brothers name.
Today, that area of High Street is ripe for development and the new mid-rise Jackson condos scheduled for construction has lead the landlord of Little Brothers to look for a more upscale tenant. So long to this High Street New Wave institution.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Grandview Art Hop(ing) On the last Saturday of each month Grandview Heights stages what they call an "Art Hop". The Short North might be worried, but they shouldn't be. It's hard to find any real art galleries in this street fair that doesn't even include the best artists in Grandview. To pad this art hop some businesses put up some art in their front windows or lobby. Grandview is mostly about fancy restaurants with sidewalk seating, and of course, new condos. The event isn't bad for people watching as this suburb has a pretty high income and lots of young professionals.
The "A-OK" lady was there (above) pushing her "Act Of Kindness" crusade. However, the arty look seemed out of place with this clean cut crowd and parking lots.
One of the most promising places is GETAWAY GALLERY and music store (above). They have a collection of art in their front room and the middle is a music store of new and used instruments with a recording studio in rear.
An art car was parked infront of one frame shop/ art gallery. Musicians played across the two (or four) block area between Fifthe Avenue and First Avenue of Grandview Ave. Not included were Grandview's wraehouse district that includes many art studios like Glass Axis and Junctionview. All in all, it seems silly to call it an ART HOP when it is just an open house for the food shops (two cheesecake businesses!) and other businesses that call Grandview Avenue home. Best art: Kibibis Art Gallery in the corner of a small collection of shops