Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Things on High for January

Levent Isik has taken over the entire ROYGBiv Art Gallery. Levent is one of the originals who started showing at the non-profit gallery ROYGBiv (back in 1989!). This month he has broguth many new works of his slick enamel painted, funny outsider artwork. A carnival theme seems to dominate and sometimes he paints on found object of a carnival origin. His style is unmistakable and his work has sold across the United States to collectors. The doll in the window above is a mechanical found-object and not something Isik has made into an art piece (yet).
A new gallery: Back through the alley past the 583 Photo Studio, past Pearl Alley, onto Prescott Alley is an office that is running a gallery program called Gallery Zengenius. This month some abstracted-out photos line the walls.

SYBIL watercolors at FRESH A.I.R. Gallery downtown High Street. Back in the 1970's a popular book and movie was made about the multiple personality known as Sybil Corbett. She had 13 disctinct personalities allegedly due to childhood abuse. She worked as an art teacher and ran an art gallery in Lexington, KY to sooth her psychological problems. During that time she produced many abstract watercolors. The originals of these watercolors can be seen downtown Columbus at High & Long Streets in the Fresh A.I.R. (artists in recoverey) Gallery. This gallery is just an elevator lobby with a guard, but is open to the public during normal business hours.
What's most surprising about the watercolors is the consistency. They all look like they were done by the same personality. Sybil died in 1998, but if you would like prints of these watercolors (or see them online) log into

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Coffee Table Folds-Up in the Short North

The City Center Mall isn't the only business on High Street that started in 1989 only to meet its end at the start of 2008. The COFFEE TABLE, a Short North fixture at Buttles and High Street has closed after an 18 year run. The space was originally renovated by WALDO's Hair Salon and Art Gallery in April 1986. Waldo's was the first art gallery "slash" other kind of business in the Short North. Waldo's moved a few doors north in April, 1989 leaving an ideal space for High Street's first gourmet coffeeshop.

If people can remember things honestly, The Coffee Table was one of the first places they enjoyed an expresso-style coffee in Columbus. There was only the CT, Stauf's (in Grandview), and the King Ave. Coffeeshop (King near Neil Ave.) at the time. Today, Stauf's has their own Cup of Joe franchise in the Short North along with Emack & Bolio's, Starbucks, and a soon to open Cuppy's Coffee. But 18 years ago and for most of the 1990's The Coffee Table warmed Gallery Hoppers in the cold months and provided the first sidewalk cafe seating in the warm months. It also had regular art shows, though the art was hard to get close to while people were seated at the tables.

The Coffee Table has lost much of its appeal in recent years. It was sold last year to a new owner who had plans to pump in some new life, but the landlord has other (more upscale) plans for the space now.

Downtown & the City Center Solution

the City Center Mall opened in the Fall of 1989