Thursday, October 25, 2007


Due to the sun setting earlier this time of the year, the Gallery Hops for the next 3-4 months will be mostly in the dark and hard to photograph or film. This is also the time of the year for very cold weather to fall on the FIRST SATURDAY NIGHT of the month. Gallery Hops have been cancelled before in January and even an April, 1987 Gallery Hop saw 12 inches of snow.
This blog will suspend covering the gallery hops proper and instead delve into the past 22 years of art on High Street as well as things that can be seen during the daylight hours in nice weather.

For November: A Plush Art show at Rivot Gallery (5th & High) and Sidney Chafetz at Sherrie Gallery. Chafetz taught Roy Lichtenstein at OSU and is about 95 years old. Mahan Gallery is expected to return, but in the space across from Lincoln & High that Leg's Diamond last occupied.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Never Know What You'll See...

Window shopping in the Short North in C-Bus can offer many surprises.

This buffalo head greets patrons at Grandview Mercantile
Flower Child offers the look of the mod 20th century
The Chamber gets extreme for Halloween.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


(click on pix to enlarge)
The October Gallery Hop was well attended. Record high temperatures and no rain brought out a huge crowd for this pre-Columbus Day weekend and they stayed late. Lots of street musicians and performers kept people entertained. Expensive and unusual cars were parked along High Street. One political woman drove her "duhmocracy" car up to empty spaces and handed out flyers on voter fraud. A group of bicyclists came up High Street with a boombox blaring and turned into a performance group of some sort at an empty lot. They brought lots of costumes, props, and sound but forgot lighting (getsdark early in October). Belly Dancers were in front of Urban Gardener. A man trying to set the record for hula hooping playing a ukulele was in his 5th hour on the street.

Sarah Fairchild , once president of Ohio Art League, had her long awaited show at the O.A.L. Gallery. It consisted of flourescent paint on paper of plants and fashionable clothes on young women with lots of small punched-out holes in the paper. Not her former encaustic paints of fruits and still lifes where the paint in put on canvas like cake icing.

Jay C.Moffett (above in darkness) showed abstract paintings in the GALLERY UPSTAIRS above the Surly Girl Saloon. He's part of the Junctionview Studios artists in Grandview.

A new gallery known as the Hotel Lilly Gallery presented Amber Lee Lint's artwork in what used to be a barbershop (maybe it still is) across from First and High.
Do Media in association with locals presented a projection onto the wall by the parking lot across from Lincoln and High. You were invited to TXT a message and somehow it appears in the projection in handwriting inside conversation baloons. Innovative. But it is a gimmick to get people's cell phone numbers. If you have a business you can use this service then send TXT advertisements back to your potential customers.