Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 Short North gala

The 2008 Short North Gala was held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Ballroom. The Chefs of the Short North were the true stars of the day. The area has the greatest concentration of Columbus's best restaurants and the 6 course meal served October 12th proved it.
Starting off with octopus from Haiku (above left) started things off. A 6 onion cappucino soup from Rosendales was to die for. Hyde Park prepared an amazing salmon and potato cake, while Cameron Mitchell's restaurant provided a tasty roast beef and ravioli. Rigsby's and Jeni's (ice cream) topped things off with a spiced pear cake with olive oil and sea-salted pepita seed ice cream. Many glasses covered the tables.
Two Luminaries were honored. John Allen of the Short North tavern (top) and Maria Galloway of PM Gallery were honored for their 3 decade-old businesses. Maryellen O"Shaughnessy and Sandborn Woods presented the awards. Four Unsung Heros got awards as well: Christie Nohle of the Urban Gardner, Greg Maynard who takes care of Goodale Park flowers, Katie Reider who embodied the art, community, diversity, and Spirit of the neighborhood, and........ yours truly.

Before the event, everyone smoozed in the courtyard. That's John Angelo facing the camera in the photo at right. He's the dynamo promoter of the Short North. He says the Short North will be featured in the November 9th New York Times.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October surprise

Andy Warhol looks over the Short North. The only North American stop for a major Andy Warhol exhibition is at the Wexner Center up on N. High Street Campus area.
RoyGBiv had a playful exhibition of  small works with triangles of string crawling along the inside wall. Lindsay Gallery had folk art aplenty from the collection of the late Maggie and Dick Wenstrup of New Richmond, Ohio. It is a great show of figures, some of them carved out of walking sticks. Let's hear more for the art collectors! Mahan Gallery had a group show around "The Allegory of the Mountain" where the artists tried to show new techniques and style more than much about a mountain.
October is a month of changes. G & Co. is remodeling... or are they leaving for bigger cities? I guess they are taking this time off to stock up on these top cutting edge brands of clothes. B.J. Snappers has given up the ghost at 700 N. High making it one of the few restaurants to quit the Short North. 
Barrel 44 has opened. A genuine whiskey bar has landed next to Surlygirl at 4th and N. High St. They must of liked the facade of the old school pub that used to inhabit this location. But, where else would you like to swig a shot of whiskey? Up the street are crains beginning work on the Jackson Condo tower. Further up are two other condo projects nearing completion. Hopefully, great new storefront businesses come with these new residential projects.