Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Decorations Short North 2009

The above picture is above Fabian Pizza and shows some kickball size lighted globes along the roof along with the arch lights.
Gallery 83 used the holiday lighting tradition to bring attention to their (way) off the beaten path gallery. Below, they even framed some of their artist drawings out front.

Corsets are becoming big in the North Short North and Mrs. Santa is no exception.
The Katheryn Gallery (above) knows how to frame their windows for the holidays.
What The Rock (above) took the theme of "Let It Snow" in a different way. Let is be known that it didn't snow in late 2009 until December 11th, long after this picture.
Late Night Slice (above) climbed to new heights to give us holiday lights in their lot location. Of course, they were also showing a movie on the opposite wall, but now they have a tent for people to eat in out of the cold wind.
Monkey's Retreat went overboard with the lighted snow men (above and below).
Waldo's (below) offered live models with lighted hairdos as part of their display.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Holiday Hop Dec. 5, 2009: cold but busy

The December Holiday Hop is most anticipated through-out the year, but this year is seeing many boutiques closing up shop. Still, the gallery hop must go on and there is much to see and do. At the new Travonna Coffee House a reading by Leah-Carla Gordone of her new book "The Motorgirl Memoirs" brought a bit of bohemia to the Northern Short North. Hoppy Holidays!

The Mahan Gallery (top) was showing a display of sixties style model drawings on wood panels by Suzannah Sinclair that could be from softcore mens magazines. Terra Gallery, meanwhile, was showing off their new neon signs and a wide variety of small works for gift giving.
Gallery 83 (above and below), as usual, offered a wide variety of small works from young, local artists. It is becoming quite the stop for the art school set on the gallery run. Their ground floor rooms are in a rather roughly renovated space complete with a non-working bathroom gallery. Artists can sometimes be set-up on the lawn in front, and there is a balcony of an apartment above that shows one man shows.

Even the night club Circus (above) was offering small, cheap local art for sale, viewable from their picture window. This is the former High Five club at Fifth and High.

Stained Skin Tattoos does regular art shows like other tattoo parlors, but they are calling it the Donchatz Gallery after their curator Greg Donchatz. It is at Smith and High St., but the wall space is very small. Usually, a music ground is added for a late night party.

RoyGBiv Gallery did their annual holiday small works show (above and below) which included a string ensemble for a few hours. It wasn't hard to find a small work that interests.

Rivet Gallery was aglow for the Christmas Hop with amazing toy-like art made by real artists.
The Sherrie Gallery (above) is featuring ceramic artists this season.
The Sean Christopher Gallery (above) in the basement of the Greystone Apartments had a three room exhibit of poetry on art panels called "Strange and Unsteady Stars". Matt Bliton, Brenda Francis, and Ed Fradd worked together on this display.
Monkey's Retreat did a show with Chas Krider (above) that featured music, holiday displays, and the photographing of sexy models. The fun didn't run all the way to the end of the gallery hop, but you could still have your own picture taken by Chas.

Gallery 772 (above) is an ongoing gallery hop show in the upper hallways of the Body Shop at High and Warren St. The old concrete ramp that cars would drive up is lined with works by a small group of artists who remain nameless (or shy). They don't even seem to be trying to sell the works.