Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More NEW old Houses

These are not hundred year old houses. They are brand new, built on a former industrial site near the river west of the Short North. Called Harrison Park, it is one of the urban infill projects that try to recreate a better past with all modern interiors. There's about two streets like this with more to come. Larger, less historic looking condos are also being constructed near First Ave. Not sure these houses will last 100 years as it is rather low density close to downtown. Wouldn't it be great to see new developments like this farther out rather than the ugly modern subdivisions so common today? (well, OK, there's New Albany's develoments) See also post from May 1, 2006 showing New Village Place, a different style of new 100 year old houses near the Short North at First Ave. and Summit.

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Things in the Short North

You may have noticed the new crosswalks that give you vertigo.
They are painted on to resemble pattern bricks

Yes, the Mahan Gallery has moved from the North Short North into the thick of things at 717 N. High. This harkens back to 1989 when the Geoffery taber Gallery re-emerged as the ACME Art Co. in the thick of things in a similar move. ACME moved back to the North Short North in 1997 and slowly faded away after several other moves around town. Of course, ACME has non-profit and got handed to one group after another. Let's hope Mahan sticks it out and brings us great art.

In the alleys behind the Short North tavern and the Carriage House are new businesses like the TASI CAFE and the offices of ART Exchange. TASI is Kent Rigsby's newest venture, this time a breakfast and lunch cafe. Being in the alley ways brings a German Village feel to the Short North.
Ceramics by Jack Earl took over the Sherrie Gallery in November. This seasoned artist shows why the best art can come from the older artists.

Monday, November 19, 2007

North Bank Park Pavillion wins the Award

The Columbus Landmarks Foundation decided to award this year's design award to the pavillion at North Bank Park (rather than the Brunson Building). Only one of the finalists were privately funded (the Brunson), so among the publicly funded finalists this is probably the best. It is an odd building without a lot of uses except for private parties.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brunson Building Finalist For Design Award

This condo conversion of an early 20th century office building is a finalist for the James B. Recchie Design Award given by the Columbus Landmarks Foundation. So sorry for the original post that said it had won. It seemed to have gotten picked-up on the web and had a life of its own. Maybe it will win the award November 13th. The Short North Arches are also in the running.
A contemporary addition was added to this Chicago-style tower and a giant billboard flanks the side. Columbus's own Skybus Airlines has it now, but it originally had a giant soccer ball stuck on it for the Columbus Crew .

Hey, it makes a nice picture with the skyline in back of old and new. Columbus isn't just a brand new big city, it has a past and a future.