Monday, January 29, 2007

The Jackson Sees Some Action

The long talked about project in the empty lot next to Skully's is finally moving forward. This 5 - 8 story building replaces the hole left by a 1988 fire that took the Geoffery Taber Gallery, Biashara, and other early Short North art businesses. The development of this site was first floated in 1997 when the building to the south was renovated for the home of ACME Art Co. from 1997 through 2003 (today it contains an eye doctor and a hookah cafe). The "Jackson" will bring much needed density and a parking garage to the North Short North.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bento a Go Go

on High Street at campus is an asian yum yum shop that's become one of the hippest places over the years. Next to the Newport Music Hall (click on image for really sharp picture), Bento just see to make you forget it's winter in Ohio.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Condo Tower Rises at North Bank Park

The latest addition to the skyline is a 20 story condo that overlooks the new North Bank Park at the corner of Neil Ave. and Spring Street (route 33). The tower is another Arena District development by Nationwide. but this one actually has a great view of the park pavilion and the downtown skyline. North Bank Park is seldom used and probably one of the best kept secrets. The park flows along the river all the way to the Santa Maria replica.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January Openings 2007: Headless Wonders

A headless manikin at Legs Diamond Shoe Store.
They have new competition up the street from Sole Classics.
The Short North will get its first Starbucks in the historic Yukon Building across from Cup of Joe.
Cameron Mitchell will put a restaurant in the Yukon Building as well.
Waldo's artist was one of the best this month, but gallery wasn't opened for the hop.
Ohio Art League show was one of their best for the past year.
Soft, fragile materials, including a wall of glass birds.
G & Co's outdoor window and wall sign with another headless manikin.