Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2008 Holiday Hop Window Displays

The Holiday window displays in the Short North are the best in town. Mary Catherine's brought out new animated displays of a Ferriswheel and a merry-go-round (click on pictures to enlarge). They even had more Christmas sculpture inside. 
Zona Cora Zon Galleria is still in business! (above left) They now only have the single storefront, but the same Mexican art and novelties are available. Their large bulbs and lights reminds one of PM Gallery's annual window display that date back three decades. PM bombards the eyes with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of ornaments. Further up the street from here are the window displays of the Body Shop stores and Norka Futon (who had a female solo musician in the window as well). 
Katheryn Gallery (above left) had a tasteful, minimal holiday window display while LOOT! (above right) filled about every inch of their window with a nature display. 

2008 December Holiday Hop: let it snow

Galleries have traditionally offered lots of small, low priced artwork during the December Holiday Hop, and 2008 was no exception. RoyGBiv Gallery  (above) offered a diverse group show of small works, including these ceramic treats by Emily Hutton. Don't you just want to pop one into your mouth? A string ensemble presented music next to these delicacies later during the hop.  The Ohio Art League did the same kind of "members' small work show". Both of these non-profit galleries ask their artist membership to submit a special small piece for the December Gallery Hop.  Zengenius Gallery had a group show of artists who have shown in this Prescott Alley gallery in 2008. Of note were large color photographs of assemble junk sculpture in the dessert by Joe Baer. The Sherrie Gallerie continued with its recent featuring of artists who make fine artist jewelry. 
Mahan Gallery had a Holiday feel with decorations and an electronic piano player out front. Bar 23 on the I-670 "Cap" decided to put a tent over its stainless steel outdoor seating. The Greek Orthodox Church was selling baklava .
Anna and the Annadroids were doing one of a couple of mannequin window shows during the Holiday Hop. Anna & A was in the windows of G&Co. and offered robotic activity by the dance team. Waldo's on High hair salon found time to put together five young models with amazing hair posing in a lifelike show. The snow sent more activities indoors this gallery hop. The restaurants bring a large crowd regardless of the weather to the Short North. Most of their diners will walk around after dinner, hopefully to see some art.  New to the district is a Thai restaurant across from White Castle.
Santa was found in front of Flower Child collectible furniture store. Actually, a number of people were sporting christmas red hats in the after 8 pm crowd that formed. The early hours of Gallery Hop Saturday were lightly attended. The announced light show by the arches over High Street didn't look any different than a normal Saturday. Missing were the traditional burn barrels on the street corners.  Then what happen to the small strings of christmas lights on the trees and poles along the sidewalk? None of them were on all along High Street. 

It didn't help that the first real snow of the season hit Columbus for the entire afternoon and evening. After what seems like a year's worth of sunny and warm gallery hops, the Holiday Hop gets hammered. However, the vegetarian hot dog vendor in front of Rivet's plush toy show pointed out that the snow is just as beautiful as a sunny day. It was quite an experience trudging through the snow like we haven't seen since March. From the look of the crowd at times, there were groups of people being dropped off by the short bus load. Some of these were probably from the Wexner Center's shuttle to its Andy Warhol Show.

This past month  the Wexner Center has been reaching out to other artsy venues in town to celebrate its big Warhol Show (that will be seen nowhere else in the United States). I question whether Andy is really being understood or being used to explain any agenda in contemporary art. Hopefully, some local artists will be inspired to make it rich with their art.