Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Memorial on Staten Island

September 11th Memorial on Staten Island overlooking New York Harbor. The Jersey City skyline on left, Manhattan in the middle, and Brooklyn on the right.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September 2010 Gallery Hop: crowds, crowds, crowd

Yes, even at 30 MPH Speed Limit, The September 2010 Gallery Hop was like rush hour traffic from early afternoon to way into the night.
A surprising number of afternoon hoppers may have been a spill-over from the Greek Festival down the street. But that happens every year and this was a massive crowd on the order of Comfest.

Even the Bollinger Towers got in a yard sale on their front steps. Not a bad selection.
The Hare Krisha's got a lot of drumming and walking in.
Olde Town East was pushing their Artcar feature to their Hot Times Festival the next weekend. Of course, fall sports are in the air as well. Who's dominating the nation the most: The OSU Buckeyes or the Columbus Crew Soccer Team? Don't forget the Columbus Clippers who play in the best new baseball stadium in the nation just a short walk away.

All kinds of sidewalk promoters lined the sidewalks.
Sole Classics had  popular DJ's dropping the needle. Break dancers are also increasing on the sidewalks.
A Crepes food cart has entered the Gallery Hop circle of influence: Leslie's Creperie.
The North Short North was quite active with sidewalk bands and movie shots. As well as a Jeni's Ice Cream cart.

Late Night Slice brought back the Grimaldie Circus plus a band while you wait for your slice to be heated.
Halloween was certainly in the window displays. More of this will be revealed the next hop.
The crowd is getting more and more into dressing creatively. The girls above have wigs from the 70's. 
New this year is the painting over of former real estate signs by street artists.