Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Unusual Winter Weather Ends

High Street has seen one of its most unusual winters in memories. No measurable snow fell until January 21, 2007. November was colder than normal, but December and most of January stayed warm with large rains. On the 21st a three inch snow fell with most people shrugging it off as a token. By the end of the month a three week brutal cold set in with single digit temperatures almost every night. It only warmed up to near the freezing point to dump 24 hours of snow and sleet on February 13th and 14th shutting down much of the region. Such a snow hasn't been seen since December, 2004. Such a February hasn't been seen in a lifetime. Everyday this month has been below normal in temperature. February cold never stay around much past a few days, let alone three weeks!
The February Gallery Hop this year goes down with the January, 1994 Gallery Hop that didn't happen and an April, 1987 gallery hop that saw 12 inches of snow by midnight.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"The ONION" getting chopped-up

The OHIO UNION on High Street, the main student union for Ohio State University, is being chopped-up and scraped away just like its nickname "The Onion". This early 1950's monstrosity was never mistaken for an architectural gem, but it had a few relief sculptures on its front and many memories inside. It replaced the original student union along mirror lake which still survives. A second student union, Drake Union, exists along the Olentangy River where the OSU Theatre Department puts on shows. "The Onion", however, can't remain, not when it is in a prime location along High Street.

The Ohio Union was very large on the inside, containing two ballrooms, fast food shops, a bowling alley, theaters for movies and lectures, fireplaces, and many many meeting rooms and offices. The Baby Boomers have the fondest memories of "the Onion". It tried to start about everything that High Street is known for today. It had regular movie series for second run and independent shorts. It had a rental darkroom back%