Sunday, September 30, 2007

Short North Shots

The Cap (actual bridge over I-670) and The Convention Center (above)
East Popolar St. now a pedestrian courtyard next to the CAP
has mostly empty, but colorful storefronts.
New Parking Meter in the lot across from Lincoln Ave. and High Street. Instead of meters at each parking space there is now one fancy meter that takes both coins and credit cards. You put in your money then choose the number of your parking slot. You can also check the time you have left without walking all the way to your car. That's provided you can figure out this machine. Doesn't look like a parking lot that retired people should try to use.

New @ Lane & High Street

CAMPUS PARTNERS continue to tear-down old campus buildings and build new ones, usually with new retailers taking over those spots. At Lane and High Street at the Northeast corner of OSU two new glops of buildings have emerged this year. Radio Shack and others now sit next to the UDF between Frambes and Lane Ave. Right at Lane and High is a new fancy BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings & Wreck) with a tower. The gas station and a CVS Pharmacy from five yeras ago still sit at the other three corners. (click on pix to enlarge)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Extra Firm Sofa

This is the CEMENT SOFA at Fourth and High Street. They originally worried about vagrants hanging out here, but it isn't the most comfortable public bench around.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Short North Arches Light Show VIDEO

The first light show using the new LED lights on the Short North arches wasn't very exciting. There was a huge, mostly middle age crowd staying after the gallery hop on September 1st to see it. Took a while to get the arches all lit along the two mile length. Then they mostly just ran through the colors very slowly. No flashing, but there was a brief rainbow effect (above) during the first hour of darkness.

September Gallery Hop Well Attended

The September Gallery Hop experienced the biggest crowd of the year as tons of people came out for the good weather and to see the first display of the LED light show on the arches. Sidewalks seem to be the central theme both in terms of performers and the spots of sidewalk being torn-up all over the place. Break dancers in front of Sole Classics(above) joined belly dancers in front of Karavan and bands all over the place.(There's a breakdancing contest at Bar of Modern Art Sept. 29th and 30th) Dancers for the Rocky Horror Show were all over the place but performed at Emack & Bolios. The sidewalks became so crowded the police directed car traffic off of High Street before the expected light show. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer was projecting a movie loop on the side of a wall at Lincoln and High. Across from it was a long line for Jeni's (expensive) Ice Cream stretching two doors down for what seemed like the entire gallery hop (and it wasn't even hot).
Terra Gallery (above) on Popular next to the CAP had their most interesting show of locals. Mahan Gallery closed up the street and is expect to open next to Terra in these small storefronts on Popular.
Sandborn Woods was seen inside the Chase Bank branch (above). He was the original developer with the vision that the Short North could become an arts district way back in 1984-85. His son runs Wood Development today.
Speaking of the mid-1980's, the Short North was known at that time for its vintage shops where you could find weird furniture and wigs or other things. Those days are rapidly returning. What with Flower Child opening a two level shop of various rooms near the White Castle, the Grandview ReVue and consignment shops, and the new shops in the Fifth Avenue & High Street area. Above is an assortment of colorful brides maid dresses next to the Garden Church.
As for the art, nothing unexpected and alittle less with each passing year. Stain Skin had a show of an artist called Coreroc who just splatter sprayed some skate boards, vinyl art toys, cut-outs, clothing, etc. in the same style and color scheme.
Rivot had a couple of local illustrative artists with real talent. They are getting more art toys in of all price ranges.
The Gadfly Gallery above the Surly Girl Saloon had a group of new cartoonists with small publications available. It harkens back to the 1980's and the age of local fanzines.
Lindsay Gallery had Newark artist Janis Price doing paintings in the Grandma Moses style.
RoyGBiv had some uninteresting ephemeral paintings and sculpture.