Friday, February 12, 2010

February 2010 Short North Gallery District

Rivet Gallery's "Uber Cute" show was made up of rather small artist made toys.
RoyGBiv had a seemingly empty gallery. This was because of performance art by Cassandra Troyan that involved splattering paint. Other things will happen in this space through-out the month. It also reflects the snow outside.
The second RoyGBiv Gallery Daniel Forrest Hoffman presents his interesting constructs

Mahan Gallery had a skateboarding art show with many cartoon paintings and photographs. A skateboard ramp takes up the middle of the floor.
The Sherrie Gallerie seemed to be taking up art installations (above).
Marcia Evans boldly displayed a big chunk of wood in her window.
The Katheryn Gallery boldly displays a neon light painting in the front window.
The Terra Gallery was open and is showing a wide selection of small works. So much so, that they have taken up part of the windows at Callandar Cleaners on the corner (see below).

The Sharon Weiss gallery boldly displays its wisdom about art .

That new shop up at Fifth and High keeps finding the most interesting things for your crib.
High Street Furnishings is a new shop in next to the Garden Theatre.
That rockstar hair salon at Fourth and High St. are starting to get the art show thing going like the rest of the hair salons in the Short North.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 2010 :Snowmagedon

The February 2010 gallery hop was held right after the first of two 30 hour snow events that blanketed this part of the country. Fortunately, Columbus got one of the lesser snowfalls in the path of the storm. Unfortunately, people didn't venture out to the galleries resulting in one of the worst attended gallery hops in the Short North history.
These are shots taken on the following day which saw plenty of places open, but a slightly changed Short North landscape with the snow and ice.
The sidewalks weren't cleaned well enough for a normal gallery hop crowd, but were passable.
The cement sofa

The wet snow event looked like snow was sprayed like foam on landscape artifacts.
Snow eggs found in front of P.M. Gallery.
Hardy Short Northers ride their bikes in the snow.
Sidewalks off of High Street could be nothing but ice.
Even Lincoln Avenue looked dicey.
Mindless Matters kept furniture deals out all weekend.
The parking lot at Late Night Slide wasn't for the light hearted.
icicles in front of Rigsby's. Click on picture to see full size and follow icicles down the awnings and signs.
The deeply colored new mural on the side of The Garden. (click to enlarge)
The classical Short North in the snow. Eleven is sporting a new tent entrance.