Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Windows Short North 2010

 Window displays at the holidays are a Short North tradition. For 2010 the windows seem to be without sophisticated light displays.

 BD was alive with elf and snowflakes.
 The above two views of a window should get an award for originality.
 83 Gallery is also new this year with a busy studio concept.
 The Jackson high-rise apartment building had some understated christmas trees lining the front porch.
 This decorated white bicycle has the right to burn electric strings of light.
 Collier West offers a unique take on a holiday window display.
 Flower Child is certainly no slouch when it comes to window displays in December.
 Jeni's Ice Cream
 Ladybird clothing boutique
 Mindless Matter's sidewalk display (detail) makes a nice shot ( of whiskey?).
 Rowe did a travel picture display of their customers and friends.

 Mary Catherine's brought out the old Santa's and Christmas mouse.
 They also included a bed frame on the street for easy delivery of that certain holiday present.
 Surly Girl was into cupcakes for the holidays.
 Surprise Finds is a new collectible shop in the North Short North with an agressive window display.

 Old World New Home is another new shop in the northern Short North with a bright an interesting window.
 Torso seemed to be the only green and red window and they had rotating figures of odd origin.
Waldo's brought out the models for Gallery Hop window. Big hair and horns make things festive.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Holiday Hop Dec 2010 Galleries

 The 2010 Holiday Hop was once again the worst weather experienced up until then for the Autumn season. Snow was only a dusting, but the cold stayed on. Yet, people came out in their finest winter coats and hats. Few sidewalk vendors and performers were found, however. The top photo above could be an Edward Hopper painting as the bricks match the woman's coat at GRID, a new futuristic furniture store. Below that is a Bar B Que trailer on the property of the former Ibizi condo project.

 The above three shots are of RoyGBiv Gallery's annual small works show and sale. (click on photos the enlarge). It was one of the most diverse collections in years.

 The above two shots are from the Lindsay Gallery who found another successful artist in Joey Monsoon who showed earlier at the Ohio Art League in the art alley at campus gateway.

 You knew it had to happen: a cupcake shop has opened in the front of the Verizon Wireless shop across from White Castle. Cupcake Yum Yum is very high-end and could be just a flash store for now.
 Overlooked by gallery hoppers because their tables are filled with drinkers is the Camelot Cellars Wine Boutique. They have a growing selection of local art and cards.

Salon Hotel Lily  had a good abstract painter. Not sure if they had an opening event this month.
 Sharon Weiss Gallery was also a studio for Rick Akers.
 Next to Sharon Weiss on Lincoln Ave. is a new tenant for that grey house called Trident Design. They are an invention firm with a small selection of products they invented for clients. For gallery hop they had a couple of makers of beads and bags.

 The above three photos are of The Sherrie Gallerie who did something different for Christmas, displaying artist made plates and pottery along with samples of art that had shown through the year.
 The above photo is of the Terra Gallery where an artist has just finished a painting of Goodale Park in the autumn. It makes you want to do a double take.

 The two photos above are of Rivet Gallery with their plush show "Stuff This"
 83 Gallery didn't have any performers this month, but continued their wide variety of local art and scren printing display.

INCEPTION was a flash show in the former Lululemon space in The Dakota apartment building. It contained figurative art by Nicholas Hulme and is part of something called The Culture Creature. The art seemed like a throw back to the late 1960's if not Rocky Horror Picture Show.