Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Flea: Great new Short North event

The first Summer Flea  flea market in the Short North was held in the empty Fireproof Warehouse parking lot at Third and High St. The space was filled with vendors and shoppers for most of the day. This was the Sunday after the August Gallery Hop.

A wide variety of products were available from crafts to cupcakes (Penelope Danger is in the middle above selling her unusually flavored cupcakes) to vintage T-shirts. T-shirts seemed to be the most popular item as one tent had a line getting inside to see the T-shirt assortment from the 70's and 80's.
This vendor sold trophy tops and things made from old LP records like notebooks. They expertly cut album covers and even the records themselves down to notebook covers.
 Even a Tarot Card reader was welcomed at the Summer Flea.

An item I picked-up is this Moonshot Glass commemorating Apollo 11 where the stem of the glass functions as a shot glass when turned upside down. Only $5.00

Monday, August 09, 2010

August Gallery Hop 2010: 25 years after first Gallery Hop

Art cars at Gallery Hop: 1985 and 2010. Not much has changed.

August 2010's Gallery Hop was 25 years after the first event called The Short North Gallery Hop to be held the first Saturday of each month. Galleries have been in the neighborhood since at least 1978, a group opening call the SoButt Walking Tour was held in 1980 (SoButt for South of Buttles as everything was back then), and monthly openings had been done since Fall of 1984, but August 1985 saw an explosion of some 500 gallery hoppers as Spangler Cummings Gallerie opened and joined the scene. This was a big gallery, bigger than any in the Short North today.

Today, however,  the Gallery Hop extends as far north as campus and large development plans are bringing new buildings to the Short North. The distinctive lighted arches are a feature that has been created over the past 25 Years of  endless monthly openings attended by thousands. The art is moving north as rents increase near the convention center and the former gallery row that started it all.

For August, 2010, things are becoming very complicated and ever more complex as the Short North is where trendy galleries and shops mutate into new concepts. Nowhere more so than the North Short North.

 Paul May busted onto the North Short North with puppets at What The Rock? Most were skeletal, but one was a manatee. This shop is becoming a great new outlet for local artists.
 Rivet Gallery is starting a series of paintings from illustration virtuosos starting with Tyson McAdoo above. In September they show Shannon Bonatakis, another slick figurative artist as well as Jimmy Pickering's more cartoony paintings.
 The North Short North is a place for fashion and furniture of an unusual and vintage taste. Pillows and dresses on the sidewalk brings such pleasure and comfort for this more dicey part for the Short North. Yet, American Apparel is here as is the new swank high rise condos called The Jackson.
 Refindesign has moved out of its High Street location (top pictures) and gave the final Gallery Hop to Gallery 83. Meanwhile Refindesign has moved to the former body shop behind the post office and Surly Girl Saloon ( above:bottom pictures). Making the art is as important was what you make.
An Explosion of Art awaits the gallery hopper who is adventurous. ABOVE from TOP: Short North Tattoo has its style of Tattoo related art in this rather roomy tattoo parlor. NEXT: drawings covered the windows of the future home for Paradise Garage. This drawing was removed the next day, probably sold. NEXT: RoyGBiv Gallery had small works  ABOVE: Mahan Gallery.

Lincoln St., the original renovation in the area in 1984 by Sandy Woods is still housing art galleries including Sharon Weiss Gallery (middle) and Marcie Evans Art Consulting (bottom).

Large art murals are taking over the former future home of the Ibizi condo tower. Urban Sprawl was painting some of the murals they'll use on the Westside event later in August.

Even the fitness center Oxygen is getting into the Gallery Hop thing with artwork in the window and events around the month. They did break dancers in July, who moved down the street in August.

Many street musicians greet people on their way between the galleries and shops.
The Short North is even a better place for shopping for vintage items and unique things than in 1985 when it had been the used furniture capital of Ohio. Good bargains can still be had.

Models were in the windows of a number shops like Milk Bar
The Grimaldi Circus performed in the parking lot of Late Nite Slice during the gallery hop (above). There was also a five piece band playing for much of the time. All this while waiting for your slice of pizza to be heated up. Only in the Short North.

Friday, August 06, 2010


HIGH STREET ART began as a newsprint publication in August of 1985 for the first modern Gallery Hop in the Short North when Spangler Cumming Gallery entered scene and provided a big roomy gallery and an even bigger audience on the first Saturday of the month. HIGHstreetART's first issue (top) was mostly previews of artists in Spangler's first show. Later issues covered more of gallery row and the happens in Art along High Street. Issue 2 was half HIGHstreetART and half TESTUBE Magazine listing lots of cultural contacts around the world in a computerized (printed-out) data-base. Issue 3 brought up the concern of the low percentage of art buyers among the thousands who attend the gallery hop. Issues 4 and 5 where in 1986 and of an unusual shape for a tabloid paper.

Since then, photography and video has been continuously collected on the Short North Gallery Hop and other art events. Far too much to get to on this blog.