Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Doo Dah Parde 2010: twice as big, twice the people

The 2010 edition of the Doo Dah Parade was a stark contrast to the 2009 Parade. The parade lasted twice as long and the parade route was packed from beginning to end. Top is Anna and her Android dance group hamming it up. The stilt walkers of High Jinx were occupied at other local parades and couple make the Doo Dah. The coneheads seemed to be down to this one guy and didn't parade. A new generation of regulars are emerging and they have a superhero or haunted house theme.

That's Ann Fisher of WOSU-AM talk show host just above Batman and at the bottom you'll see a Sasquatch in the backseat.
The Marching Fidels continue as the longest running parade group, this time against tar balls in the Gulf of Mexico. And of course, there was tighter security this year with a "cop in the box", referring to the portable cop observation towers used at large events.
This senior citizen was apart of another haunted house group and was very scary telling everybody that someone was "a bad boy".
 BP and their oil spill was a popular target for this year's parade. Superheros and college students also showed up.

That's apparently the King of Doo Dah in the dark on the picture right above.

That's the Columbus Jackaroos of the Australian Rules Football league.
 You can't forget the Short North's finest for the weird and wacky, including the Unorganized Band.