Monday, March 08, 2010

March Gallery Hops: Gettin' Going

Ian Alexander Horn built an extensive installation piece in that 4th Ave. building that used to hold an address machine service. He used projection TV onto a table with plates to show people eating as well as another projector of a painting over a mantel. It was a recreation of sorts of a Massachusetts house except the upstairs took you to a brightly lighted cube of a room.
Ed Gately (above left) and Vladimir Munoz (above right) displayed some outstanding art at the Catacomb Gallery in the basement on Buttles Ave.

The March, 2010 Gallery Hop enjoyed great early Spring weather after a snowy February. Activity started early to catch some daylight and early bargains. Many street musicians like this violinist from a different century in front of Funky & Functional.
The Mahan Gallery included illustrations by Jen Mann of women with wild animals, tintype photographs by Lacey Hedtke and bee pictures by Bethany Davis. Mahan Gallery was featured in a New York Times article on the Short North and its gallery hop.
Sherrie Gallery (above) had porcelain objects by Leigh Taylor Mickelson that fascinated.
The Terra Gallery has taken over other businesses' windows and brought in live artists painting and drawing in the gallery. They also got involved with the Arnold Sports Festival to bring art making to the body builders and 17,000 athletes in town for the weekend.
Sharon Weiss Gallery has a new sign and a variety of artists available. They also got written up in the New York Times article.
RoyGBiv Gallery had an art critic (above top) writing live reviews of various small works in the second gallery (above lower). Lori Waxman is known as the 60 wrd/min art critic who was joined by another art critic to fill one of the walls with art reviews. The reviews tended to be rather wordy.
The Arnold Classic was on with 170,000 visitors cramming the convention center (above top), arena, and vets memorial. Many specials were available in the Short North and positive words could be overheard by the surprised outsiders to downtown Columbus.
Bicycle rickshas were all over the Short North ready for passengers like here infront of Waldo's.
The Lindsay Gallery had 30th Century cave paintings by Casey McGlynn as well as other folk art. McGlynn is one of the most popular outsider artists in the last decade.
Gallery 83 (above 3 pictures) continues to show some of the most exciting small works in this seat of the pants gallery on 1st Avenue. The top portrait paintings were done on styrofoam insulation and could be had for a mere $5.

RivetGallery had small works by Amanda Spayd (above) about the Decadence of Decay.
A street painter really went all out in the north Short North near 5th Ave.
Rebecca Ibel Gallery (above) had New York artist Karla Wozniak and her solo show "Your Ad Here".
A new gallery replaced the 4th and High fashion studio with a surprise art show of local work (above).
Kathryn Gallery (above) brought color to the Short North.
Unfortunately, the South Campus Gateway development didn't have anything going on in their Arts in the Alley. The Ohio Art League was closed and the artwork wasn't fully installed. The Red Cross graphic is fitting for the this new Art Alley repositioning of this five year old lifestyle center for college students.