Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rock Shows of the 1980's

some (washed-out) rock show pictures from the 80's taken in the Newport ( former Agora) on High Street.

Rock Shows of the 1980's

some (washed-out) rock show pictures from the 80's taken in the Newport ( former Agora) on High Street.

Friday, October 20, 2006

1980's High Street New-Wave: The Best

The 1980's on High Street was a time and place punctuated by great men and women, some that are no longer with us.
Memorial at the exhibit

Cocteau Twins at the Newport. September 19th, 1986.
Truly the life changing event for High Street in the 1980's was being chosen as one of five cities they ever played in the United States. The utilized the latest audio technology. If you weren't there, I guess you'll never no.

Monday, October 16, 2006

1980's High Street New-Wave Exhibit

The old Ohio Gallery on King Avenue saw a retrospective of the New-Wave of the 1980's, at least what happened on High Street. Ands that's a lot. Campus was a major record store center and locals created fanzines to tell the world about what was new and hot (or is that "cool"). Chas Krider put on the event that plays just a week or so in October, 2006. Below you see Tim Anstaett of THE OFFENSE NEWSLETTER fame explaining to his daughter how great the 1980's were.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Waldo's on High began at the corner of Buttles and High Street in early 1986 as the original art gallery DASH other business, in this case a hair salon. Their original show became an annual event through the 1980's known as the WEARABLE ART SHOW. It, of course, showed off the latest hair styles and artist made clothes. It was also too crowded of an affair for the beginning of the gallery hops where only a dozen galleries existed.

1980's High Street was Fashion

Peggy Barry ran both Atlantis Clothing Store at King Ave and High St. plus Putt'n On The Dog in the late 1980's on gallery row.
Lian Calvo was a cuban beauty who put on shows to promote Metro-ism. She's seen here with Chas Krider, the art/fashion photographer who was at the most important events in the 1980's. Lian Calvo ran ARTreach for a few months.

Greg 6 of The Dust Bunnies

Greg 6 and his main squeeze April in 2006

Greg 6 as doorman for 1984 INNOVATIONS fashion art show.

Greg 6, of the High Street new wave bands DUST BUNNIES , GIRLBOYS, and THE HIGHLY EVOLVED COSMIC BEINGS was a popular MC and Doorman of shows such as the Innovations Show (top). He now lives in Seattle, but in the early to mid-1980's he was a hypercreative keeping the scene exciting.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Graffitti of the 80's

Anybody on High Street in the early 80's, and for that matter, the late 1970's, saw this graffitti war of words. "Colons" was everywhere, by I don't remember a rock band named Colons nor "Lifeforce" on the local scene.

It's The EARLY 80's on High Street !

Tim Anstaett published THE OFFENSE Newsletter, a twice monthly review of the new wave music scene. Seen here reading his latest record review written on the back of a matchbook to someone inside Singing Dog Records.
Bonnie & Clyde was one of the hippest shops in the midwest. Famous rock stars and movie stars were known to stop by.
This was Noseworthy, the south campus hip clothing shop. It was right in the middle of the bar section of campus High Street.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 2006 Gallery Hop

The October gallery hop was on the heels of another late afternoon OSU football game, so the crowd was massive and stuck to the beaten path. High Street shops were packed, but half a block off High Street and the crowd was thin. It is the first season that the new South Campus Gateway devlopment flowed into the Short North. Several new art-type businesses have popped up. There was a dedicated break dance stage in front of Michael's Goody-Boy. BLD Studio people had a couple of displays that started at Cornell in Ithaca, NY (think architecture students putting on performance art and arty installations). It was a spooky halloween hop with lots of people handing out announcements, both political and artistic. A "hop art" mural was created in front of Victorian Gate, is this a regular event now?

Friday, October 06, 2006

High Street Art: early 1980's

Beginning a series of photos from the early to mid-1980's in the Short North arts district, before and after the Gallery Hops began. The above picture is from outside the "Innovation" fashion and art show in 1984. (The Yukon Building held most of the galleries in the Short North until 1984) Left: a picture of Apple Gallery storefront (689 N. High), the gallery that began everything in 1977. Artist Linda Apple rented an abandon storefront as an art studio and exhibition space. Legend has it that artists flocked to the openings and events at the Apple Gallery which became mostly dorment by 1980. The "689 Apple" remained until the renovation of the building in the late 1980's.