Monday, September 18, 2006

Olentangy finally crossed by Suspension Bridge

It is a rediculous idea: put a suspension bridge over the Olentangy River. Yet, as a focal point of the Ohio State University's arenas and stadium, it somehow works. The lighting at night is scarlet and grey. A great place to drive your new car.

South Campus Gateway

above: Mad Mex has metal sculpture at their door.
Sunflower Market is a natural foods grocery begun by Sav-A-Lot. Look for the giant sunflower

Short & Sweet: The Ohio State University bought-up and wiped-out the old bars along High Street just south of campus and built an inner-city lifestyle center with entertainment businesses and apartment buildings. Called South Campus Gateway
it is the first of at least three redevelopments of the campus commercial strip on High Street. This one includes a parking garage, four bars, an 8 screen theatre, campus bookstore, and a natural foods grocery store. The biggest gold mine in the gateway project has to be the Eddie George Grille which has brought in a non-student crowd to campus High Street. Eddie is already expanding the sport bar restaurant.
Coffeeshops and high definition TVs abound in the South Campus Gateway. Not exactly a shopping mall, but bigger than a single project. It is the third version of a lifestyle center created in Columbus. The first was the Continent shopping center and French Market in 1975. The second was the sprawling Easton Town Center in 1999 through the present. South Campus Gateway is an urban infill shoppping center which tries to upgrade the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Friday, September 15, 2006

New Scot Laboratories

The best looking of the new post-modern buildings on campus has to be the new Scot Labs. It is a far cry from the sawtooth building it replaced. Every side of the complex is different with many exciting features clad in glass and corregated metal.

New Architecture Building

The new architecture building on campus is a block long wonder with a wide variety of treatments to what a building could look like. There are all sorts of curves and windows plus other surprises. It is clad in marble shingles that seem to just shade the building's outside. A cafe is included on side. Even replicas of the major classical columns find a place.

New Postmodern Buildings at OSU

This new special eduction complex has a two block long red stripe along it uniting several buildings with a overhead walkway with scarlet colored glass. The stripe can be seen from Ohio Stadium (see previous post). The original post-modern building on campus, a modern reproduction of the original Univerity Hall , was built in the seventies. It can be seen in the lower picture. The top picture shows the Main Library tower that will undergo a massive renovation in the next two years.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ohio Stadium Press Box

view from the press box at Ohio Stadium where the OSU Buckeyes are Number One in the nation..

Let's list some other top honors for the city of High Street Art: number 9 for art in the nation by American Style Magazine number 7 among big cities for strength of economy, OH yeh, today we have the cheapest gas in the nation nearing $2.00 a gallon........ times are good even if we don't think so.

Remember 9 11

This picture of the Twin Towers was taken from the lower East side where a junk sculpture garden had beeen created. It seems like the best Memorial design I've seen, yet

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The September 2nd gallery hop was pretty dull. Sure, many businesses don't want to open on Labor Day weekend and the OSU Football march to the nation championship had taken over the town that day, but more artists could have been showing art. Even the dancers were gone (probably off to Burning Man in Neveda).
One new gallery started out and made the mistake of renting a searchlight for a dull gallery hop with a modest crowd. As 2 Co left their motorcycle garage- turned night club theatre the upstairs rehearsal room make a return as a gallery.
Also new was a lamp shade store at third and High.