Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bermuda Onion, a 90's deli in the Short North.

During the June, 1990 Gallery Hop this yet to open deli was still painting their logo on the inside. Bermuda Onion occupied the original Short North Tavern location after the tavern moved a few doors down to today's location. The deli lasted until 1998 when it was renamed Dagwoods. In 2003 The Happy Greek took over the space. The above picture contains a shot of the small outside sign.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Creative Plug's Graffitti Gallery in the north Short North

 Every month the walls are painted over and new art is made on Gallery Hop day. Here is early August, 2015:

Sunday, September 04, 2011

September 2011 Gallery Hop: Last Hot Summer Day

The September gallery Hop saw the last of the 90 degree days before the weather changed to cooler fall temps. This brought out a big crowd for the Labor Day Weekend along with the Greek Festival down the street. The artists weren't shy either. Above is Abraham and his female figures made from trash he displayed at Waldo's. This was a step up for the artist who previously saw group shows in apartments or fitness centers.

Another show of surprise quality was the skateboard as canvas show at Short North Tattoo. All the artists got a raw skateboard panel and they all brought their A-game in decorating them. Some were decorated with 3-D objects even lights that precluded their use as skateboards. Under the title this was the Columbus version of a Las Vegas show of the same type.
Most innovative show were these QR codes on signs by the folks at Wonderland. Using your smartphone, each sign brought you a different artwork. Didn't see anyone doing this, though.
Most art historical was Sidney Chafetz's print show at Sherrie Gallery. Sid taught Roy Lichtenstein at OSU and is outliving his famous pupil by decades. This show brought new drawings from the 1940's that hadn't been seen in decades.
83 Gallery continues to amaze, even if it is the least air conditioned. The latex busts of Stephen Janusz seem right out of hollywood, but he's an artist at the new 400 West Rich studios. The restroom at 83 Gallery makes the outdoor Late Night Slice pizza parlor legitimate and it is decorated by faces and red paint much like the defunkt Acme Art Co. bathroom gallery in the 1990's.
Terra Gallery seems to have the most beautiful artists, but sometimes their art is surprising like this needlepoint piece by Connie Richards called "The Money Shot".

 ROYGBIV Gallery again brings us minimalist works by new artists. Top is Sheilah Willson's photograph of seems like an exploding face, but is on closer view just angel hair fiberglass in front of someone. Christine Jackson tries to trick us with egg shells that seem to be sewn by needle and thread as well as a cracked egg with a pencil drawing on the inside.
Rivet Gallery has a 2 man show by Johnny Yanok and Lauren Gregg of fun, cartoony illustrations.
The celebrated Mouton Restaurant is sporting large figurative paintings, but their neighbor Camelot Cellars has replaced much of their art shows with a wall of wine bottles.

The Greystone Building was recognizing the Fall harvest as the Sean Christopher Gallery in the basement showed photos taken from recovering residents of the Bell Center. September is national recovery month.

Lindsay Gallery has Robert Falone's paintings of Bond Girls with Stanley Greer's sandstone sculptures.
Ray's Living Room Gallery had a show by Patrick Durkin who does paper and rug cut-out in the style of Matisse.
Salon Hotel Lily had large graphic paintings by Robert Trautman

Tigertree made big news in their move a few doors down into a two level space next to the Hubbard Grill. Lots of arrows covered the display window. No sign of the chicken vending machine, though.

 The building where Northstar Cafe is has a major expansion underway and the scaffolding to prove it.
 Looming over the Short North and the Greek Festival in the North Market area is the new convention center hotel going up fast. Not a signature building, but an important addition to the hotel demand.

Of course, where would the Gallery Hop be without some fun? The Cycletavern  continues to amaze people that ten people can pedal a vehicles up and down the street between bars.
 And there is always musicians along the way. The guy with the Spiderman Costume was sweating as hard as he was singing.
Female singers headed up many bands. The top dual has been seen many a gallery hop, this month at Late Night Slice's parking lot (and in high heels). The bottom group was in front of What The Rock which still shows local art, but the store has switched around.
 Glass head seen at Roche Bobois furniture store.
Mannequin to advertise Axis Nightclub's event next to Phia's sidewalk games and music.
Finally, got to put in positive plug for the new Food Truck Krazy Monkey who set-up next to Drake Brother's Meadery as one of the few things north of 5th Avenue. Drake Brother's show art, but don't put any lights on it. Few customers for the Krazy Monkey, but great Vegan pizza and rich smoothies.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

March 2011 Gallery Hop: Rain Rain Rain

 For the third month in a row, the monthly Short North Gallery Hop had to go on against mother nature's worst. For March it was rain, the middle of two days worth. The Arnold Fitness event down the street brought some people to the galleries, but most just returned to the convention center after their dinner. Umbrellas were the visual effect of the evening. The new Hubbard Bar and Grille signage at least served as a welcome beacon.
 non-gallery shops seemed to have the most going on during this dark, wet March hop. DJ's are becoming a regular feature.

 Interior decorating in shop windows have gone to the next level with the addition of new boutiques.

 Rowe clothing shop above .

 The graffiti wall at Hubbard and High were not yet faded in early March.
 RoyGBiv had some little wall sculptures.

 What The Rock is a bright oasis of rock n roll and colorful art in the North Short North.
 83 Gallery
 Wilder's Pharmacy had entered the 5th and High area sporting florescent paintings, but doesn't look like a drug store.
 The Attic is a collectable shop next to Basil Thai Cafe. It's worth a gander if you find it open.
 Lincoln Avenue is developing a collection of small art galleries like the steamy Sharon Weiss Gallery and the Marcia Evans Gallery.

The big buzz for March was the opening of Brother's Drake Meadery and their art show program. Unfortunately, Brother's Drake didn't light the art they solicited and seemed to like their "unfinished" look for now.